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Melanie Cove is a contemporary artist who works in drawing, filmmaking, installation, printmaking, sculpture, writing and performance.


Melanie is the co-founder and co-artistic director of Twisted Trees Productions, a not-for-profit arts organisation where Melanie works primarily as an educator with communities and private individuals.

Melanie cares for the legacy of the artist Ben Cove. She was recently the curator of Ben Cove in Space at Space, Ilford, London.

seeing red is an image of two red winged figures stood on rocks above a desolate landscape in strong wind
We move together logo on a background of drawings of folk inspired harvest imagery
parlour entrance, an open doorway leads to an art installation comprising a series of rooms inhabited by actors
Ben Cove in space exhibition poster featuring the painting Ad-Lib
double dutch exhibition logo designed by Ben Cove in which the text is reflected
drawn together exhibition image featuring colliding helicopters
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